The hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus) is an uncommon migratory bat that leaves the region in the winter for the most part. In summer it roosts in tree crowns of a number of pole to small sawtimber-sized forests but seems to prefer conifers. It is listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in one or more states in BCR 14.

Habitat Needs

Hoary bats roosts in the dense foliage of tree crowns, usually coniferous, in stands that are open underneath. It feeds over the forest canopy and open agricultural lands, open water, and along roads and trails.

Habitat Management Practices

Provide stands of conifers or mixed-wood in the pole or small sawtimber-size classes.

Silvicultural Practices

  • Clearcuts over 5 acres and up to 50 acres
  • Group selection with the groups of 1½ to 3 acres.

Additional Information