We would like to thank the following contributors who spent many hours creating the items on this website, as well as the DTW Mapper tool.

Contributors who established the framework to make this effort possible:

  • John Lanier – Wildlife Biologist
  • Bill Leak – Research Forester, U.S. Forest Service
  • Joe Homer – Soil Scientist
  • Mariko Yamasaki – Research Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Forest Service

Contributors who drafted recommendations for Species of Greatest Conservation Need:

  • John Lanier, Wildlife Biologist
  • N.H. Fish and Game, for the following species: American marten, black rat snake, Blanding’s turtle, blue-spotted salamander, bobcat, Canada lynx, eastern box turtle, eastern hognose snake, eastern ribbon snake, five-lined skink, Fowler's toad, mink frog, northern black racer, northern leopard frog, smooth green snake, spotted turtle, timber rattlesnake, and wood turtle
  • Various working groups, for the following species: American woodcock, bald eagle, golden-winged warbler, New England cottontail, and rusty blackbird

Technical support and review was provided by:

  • UNH Cooperative Extension: Brendan Prusik, Karen Bennett and Alicia Carlson
  • UNH Earth Systems Research Center, GRANIT: David Justice, Fay Rubin

Funding was provided through grants from the U.S. Forest Service – State and Private Forestry, and Randolph Community Forest.