The veery (Catharus fuscescens) is a common breeder in BCR 14. It prefers moist woodlands with a thick understory of trees and shrubs. It is listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in one or more states in BCR 14.

Habitat Needs

This bird prefers to nest in moist deciduous or mixed forest with a partially open canopy. Bottomland forest, wooded swamps, and regenerating clearcuts are also used. Thickets of early deciduous second growth or open woods with a heavy understory of ferns, shrubs and saplings are preferred. Nest sites are on the ground or low in shrubs, trees or brush piles. It feeds in the lower canopy or on the ground. Insects, seeds, and fruit are its major food source.

Its territory size ranges from ½ to 7½ acres.

Habitat Management Practices

Maintain a deciduous or mixed forest in a partially open condition on moist soils. This condition should be created or maintained in areas of 10 acres or more.

When assessing properties for habitat potential, look for moist soils that produce hardwood or mixed-wood such as Agawam, Madawaska or Salmon or others that are on the moist side.

Silvicultural Practices

  • Group selection using groups of a ½ up to 2 acres.
  • Two or three-cut shelterwoods.
  • Small clearcuts averaging around 5 acres.

Additional Information