The Eastern meadowlark (Sturnella magna) is a declining species in BCR 14. It prefers extensive open grassland with elevated perches. It is listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in one or more states in BCR 14.

Habitat Needs

This bird prefers large, open fields (10 acres and more) such as hay fields and pastures. Elevated perches scattered throughout the field are used for singing. These could be fenceposts, milkweed in a hayfield, goldenrod, or scattered small shrubs.

Its territory size varies but averages around 10 acres.

Habitat Management Practices

Maintain large grassy fields in the face of declining agricultural activities since field fragmentation due to development is a continuing problem.

Delayed mowing (after August 1) is the best for nest and fledgling survival. Since delayed mowing is not always possible, rotate mowing so that some fields are mowed early and other mowed later on a rotating basis.

Additional Information

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