The Black-throated blue warbler (Dendroica caerulescens) is a common to fairly common breeder in BCR 14. It prefers deciduous or mixed woodlands with a thick understory of shrubs or saplings. It is listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in at least one state in BCR 14.

Habitat Needs

This bird prefers large tracts of northern hardwood forest with a dense understory of coniferous or deciduous shrubs or saplings. It will use pole-sized or larger size-classes. The thick understory component is the key habitat feature.

Its territory size is about 5 acres.

Habitat Management Practices

Maintain a dense shrub or sapling understory in northern hardwood stands. Create or maintain this condition in areas of 25 acres or more.

When assessing properties for habitat potential, look for strong hardwood-producing soils such as Berkshire, Charlton, Peru, Bernadston, Paxton or Woodbridge. There are others depending on the locations in BCR 14.

Silvicultural Practices

  • Thinning or improvement cuts in large pole or small sawtimber stands.
  • Shelterwood cuts, particularly the first two cuts of the three-cut system.

Additional Information